Kymira Golf Women's 1/4 Zip Sage Grey

Kymira Golf Women's 1/4 Zip Sage Grey

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The perfect top for your golf round - Discover the 2020 Collection. Wear KYMIRA GOLF INFRARED4 Recovery & Performance and play with increased power, swing speed, and endurance, maximising your ability in all conditions.

Cut for an ergonomic fit, the INFRARED TOP features tapered seams with durable flat-lock stitching that feels comfortable against the skin and eliminates friction. Structured shoulder panels allow for the maximum range of motion. This garment is ideal for golf, for any activity with a focus on upper body movement.

Offering all the performance-enhancing benefits of the KYnergy technology, this breathable, fast-drying fabric regulates body temperature, reduces recovery time, and energises your time on the fairways. The top is a workhorse that will last you season after season, and all the rough and tumble your golfbag can throw at it.


Optimal results can be achieved by wearing the garment 30 minutes prior to playing, during exercise and then up to 4 hours after exercise. Since the infrared technology can also help with recovery, by wearing Kymira post exercise the increased oxygenation of the blood will improve the rate of lactic acid breakdown and cellular repair throughout the body.

Sporting the ‘K’ pre play is important due to the increased rate of blood flow it will kickstart. That means by the time you are in full swing, a variety of positive effects will be able to take place instantly, including; increased glycogen levels, faster removal of lactic acid, and better thermoregulatory ability.




  • 50% KYnergy Polyester
  • 32% Polyester
  • 18% Elastane


  • Wash at 30C/86F
  • Do not tumble dry
      The Kymira Golf Women's 1/4 Zip Sage Grey is the product you didn't think you need, but once you have it, something you won't want to live without.

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