Kymira Infrared Crew Socks Black & Red

Kymira Infrared Crew Socks Black & Red

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The Kynergy Infrared technology in the Crew socks’ fabric has been developed to both boost performance and speed recovery, helping you perform harder, for longer.

The infrared technology assists with recovery, as the increased oxygenation of the blood hastens the rate of lactic acid breakdown and removal of waste products from the body. This unique material also promotes cellular repair and replication throughout the body, which helps to minimise Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness.

The socks are designed with your comfort in mind, with cushioned heel and toes, and ribbed cuffs, making them great for a huge range of sports, including running, cycling, hiking, snow sports, and gym work.

Golf swing research provides evidence of the importance of exploiting ground force to maximise the efficiency of your swing. Wearing our range of INFRARED SOCKS - whether ankle or compression - enables the player to achieve peak performance.


KYMIRA Sport products can be used for four primary applications; performance, recovery, injury prevention/management and thermal regulation.

For the best results, our products should be used for every phase of exercise:

  • 30 minutes before, during
  • During exercise
  • For at least 1 hour afterwards

By using across all three phases, you will see improvements in thermal regulation, circulation and reduce the risk of injury.



  • Cushioned heel and toes
  • Ribbed cuffs
  • Arch support band
  • Soft fabric



  • 44% KYnergy Polyester
  • 41% Nylon
  • 9% Polypropylene
  • 6% Elastane


  • Wash at 30C/86F
  • Do not tumble dry
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